1. __________ O'DEA was born about _____-_____-1790 in __________, __________, __________, was baptized _____-_____-_____ in __________, __________, __________, died on an unknown date in __________, __________, __________, and was buried _____-_____-_____ in __________, __________, __________.


General Notes: O'Dea

Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Deaghaidh, 'descendant of Deaghadh', a personal name of uncertain origin. It may be a compound of deagh- 'good' + ádh 'luck', 'fate'.

Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4

 Dorothy Turner Cole had a History of Ireland, Published by S&J Sadler, NY. The Name O'Dea is mentioned in the fourth century, at that time they lived in tribes, with princes as heads. The name comes from Cormac descendents of Egan-Cormac-Cas. In this Tribe were (note this one) McCaughlins, Hickeys, Hurleys, MacNemares, Conroys, O'Brians, Regans, Kennedys, Healys. There are many more listed, these are the most common, also McCuiin (note that one.)1

Fr. Keaney, from Friend, NE at one time, said he was visiting several years ago in Silgo County, which is in the northwest part of Ireland. He said the country was full of O'Deas. She has a travel book which does say they were architects. They had built many churches.1

 John G. O’Dea told Dorothy that Anna's name was McCune and in the History of Ireland in the 4th century the name McCune was mentioned. The people were Nomads & lived in groups, namely the O'Brian's, Healy's, O Kennedys, McCuen, O Dea, Mc Coughlen, Gradys, Mc Neumoris, Conroys, Regans & many more.  They were decedents of Egan Cormac Cas.1

The O Deas have their origins in the area surrounding Dysert O Dea in North West Co. Clare. The Irish chieftain who gave his own personal name to the O Deas and their decedents was Déaghaidh (pronounced Day.) There are many spelling variants of the O Dea name, but no matter how you spell it, we are all descended from this great warrior king. In early medieval times, the O Deas were Lord of the territory known as Cineal Fearmaic. Fearmaic was a 6th century ancestor of the O Deas. The O Deas were part of the Dhal gCais, an alliance that included many other Co. Clare clans, the O Briens, O Connors, O Hehirs, O Loughlins, MacNamaras, Quinns, Griffins, Howards and Mc Brodys.

In 1318, there was a notable battle at Dysert O Dea where the Anglo Norman, Lord Richard de Clare of Bunratty, was defeated by Connor O Dea and a combined force that included the O Briens and their allies. As a result of the victory, the Normans were driven out of Co. Clare for 200 years.

For Century after century, the O Deas fought desperately to protect their lands, their families and their way of life, shaping the course of Irish history in areas such as the Church, the Law and Entertainment. Today, O Deas can be found in all parts of the world and we want to welcome back as many as we can to this 2005 reunion.

In 1990, the first international O Dea Clan Gathering was held. This occasion saw the return of many O Deas to their ancestral home of Dysert O Dea. Thanks to the generosity of Jack and Anola O Day of Wisconsin Rapids and the Dysert O Dea Development Association, the castle and many of the surrounding historical sites have been restored. It is a fitting venue for returning O Deas and the many people who come to visit our unique heritage site.

Castle  O'Dea Castle


Noted events in his life were:

• He worked as a Blacksmith in County Cork, Ireland. 2

He married unknown. ____________ ____________.

 They had four known children:
M i. Andrew O'DEA3 was born in _____-_____-1818 in City Cork, Munster, Ireland, United Kingdom,4 died on 5 Jul 1883 in Crete, Saline, Nebraska, USA5 at age 65, and was buried on 18 Jul 1883 in Crete, Saline, Nebraska, USA.6
M ii. Daniel O'DEA was born 1 Sep 1820 in , Clare, Ireland, United Kingdom, died at age 85 on 16 Jan 1906 in Jefferson Township, Adair, Iowa, USA, and was buried _____-_____-_____ in Chambersburg, Clark, Missouri, USA.
M iii. Jeremiah "Jerry" O'DAY 7 was born about _____-_____- 1828 in , Clare, Ireland, United Kingdom, 7died on 24 Jan 1898 in Kahoka, Clark, Missouri, USA7 about age 70, and was buried _____-_____-_____ in Kahoka, Clark, Missouri, USA.7

M iv. Michael O'DEA was born about _____-_____- 1830 in __________, __________, __________, 8died on an unknown date in __________, __________, __________, and was buried and was buried _____-_____-_____ in Kahoka, Clark, Missouri, USA.8

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