Ellen "Nell Nelle" Gertrude O'DEA


Ellen "Nell Nelle" Gertrude O'DEA167 was born on 1 Dec 1882 in Crete, Saline, Nebraska, USA,168 died on 28 Sep 1971 in Kearney, Buffalo, NE (Good Samaritan Hospital, Kearney, Nebraska)169 at age 88, and was buried on 30 Sep 1971 in Friend, Saline, NE (Saint Joseph's Cemetery).170

Noted events in her life were:
• She has conflicting birth information of 1 Dec 1881.2 
• She has conflicting birth information of 1 Dec 1883.1
• She worked as a Companion in many homes caring for sick and elderly.173
• She was Catholic.
• She appeared on the North Fork Precinct census on 5 Jun 1900 in , Saline, Nebraska, USA.24
• She appeared on the census in 1910 in NE.
• She appeared on the census on 30 Jan 1920 in Lincoln, Saline, Nebraska, USA.
• She appeared on the census on 15 Apr 1930 in Harrison, Frontier, Nebraska, USA.
• She had a residence in Mar 1959 in Friend, Saline, NE. 174 Also, Sep 1961
• She had a residence in Jul 1967 in Kearney, Buffalo, NE.53
• The cause of her death was brief illness.171
• Her Social Security Number was 505-40-0839.78

General Notes: Aunt Mildred Stratman's Information: Nell was feisty and I dont think worked out until later, then sometimes for relatives.

1910 Nellie O'Dea was able to come. She stayed and helped Lucy Walsh with the twins until Harvest time.

1920 United States Federal Census - State: Nebraska, County: Saline, City: Lincoln Precinct, Call Number/URL: , Enumeration District: 134, Sheet #: 4 B, Enumeration Date: 30 Jan 1920, Line #: 53, Location - In Cities: , Street: Farm, House #: 1. Dwelling #: 79, 2. Family #:81 , 3. Name: O’Dea, Ellen G., 4. Relationship: Sister-in-law,  Personal Description - 9. Sex: F, 10. Color: W, 11. Age: 37, 12. Marital state: S,  Education - 17. Can read and 18. Can write: yes, Nativity and Mother Tongue - Place of Birth: Nebraska, 20. Mother Tongue: ,  21. Father's Birth Place: New York,  22. His Mother Tongue: , 23. Mother's Birth Place: Ohio,  24.  Her Mother Tongue: , 25. Can speak English: yes, Occupation - 26. Trade: Servant, 27. Industry: Sister in Home, 28. Employer or wage worker: W (with Blanch)

Mar 1920 Anna McGowen's Obituary: of Indianola 

1930 United States Federal Census - State: Nebraska, County: Frontier, City: Harrison Precinct, township: , Call Number/URL: , Enumeration District: 32-10, Sheet #: 1 A, Enumeration Date: 15 Apr 1930, Line #: 24, Place of Abode - 1. Street: , 2. House #: , 3. Dwelling #: 4, 4. Family #: 4, 5. Name: O'Dea, Nell G., 6. Relationship: sister, Home Data - Personal Description - 11. Sex: F, 12. Color: W, 13. Age: 47, 14. Single, Education - 16. In school: no, 17. able to read and write: yes, 18. Person's birth place: Nebraska, 19. Father's birth place: Nebraska, 20. Mother's birth place: Nebraska, 24. Speak English: yes, Occupation - 25. Trade: Housekeeper, 26. Industry: Private family, 27 at work: W, 28. Yes or No: no, Living with Harold

                                                                                                                            Nell and Irene O'Dea

22 Jan 1945 John G. O'Dea's 1st Obituary - survivors: Ellen O'Dea, McCook; 2nd Obituary - John O'Dea leaves to mourn his passing: Blanche Turner and Ellen O'Dea, Friend

28 Mar 1959 Blanche Lucretia Turner - surviving is sister, Miss Ellen O'Dea of Friend

Mar 1959 Special thanks for assistance during bereavement

23 Sep 1961 George L. O'Dea leaves to mourn his departure his sister Ellen O'Dea of Friend. She attended the funeral.

Susan's Letter: Mar 1963 Just Think. how old we children Are. Nell is past 80                                                 

Nov 1964 Miss Ellen O'Dea, a former resident in the community and now residing  
in Kearney, was honored by  
                  1943                          members of her family Sunday, Nov. 29 at the home of her niece Mrs. Alfred Stratman. Miss O'Dea will celebrate her 82nd birthday Dec. 1. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Treadway and family and Mrs. Irene Treadway of Kearney accompanied the honored guest for the celebration. Mr. and Mrs. James O'Dea, Mr. and Mrs. Densel O'Dea and family, Mr. and Mrs. Max Nelms and Merrit, Mr. and Mrs. L. Colling, Mrs. Merle Clifton and children and Mrs. L. C. Clifton and Canton O'Dea helped to make this a special day. Mrs. Louis Colling, sister of the honoree baked the birthday cake. Mrs. James O'Dea cut and served the cake.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Dec 1963 Louis Colling, Ellen and Irene

Dec 1965 Elizabeth O'Dea’s Obit: Miss Ellen O'Dea of Kearney attended.

Saturday 18 Mar 1967 Very sorry indeed to here of Everett's accident.  Irene & Walter & family send sympathy. Aunt Ellen Surly to bad. And at the time of Louis Wedding.  Hope & pray Everett will be well over the accident & able to be at the wedding.  And – give the bride away.  We are praising & hoping for a very speedy recovery.  Hope your mom & Daddy arrive all O. K. in Oreg.  I’ll miss her sweet letters.
My best to all of you.
Mail is Coming.
     Aunt Ellen

1707 Central Ave.
Kearney, Nebr. 68847
Monday morning – Nov 27th, 1967

Dec 1964
Dear Susie & Louis.  Hope all are O.K. at your house.  We are still able to eat.  It is 12 degrees here at 7 o’clock.  Zero at Scottsbluff, 2 degrees at Alliance.  Aunt Mary came home Wednesday, She looks good & sleeps good, eats very little & she keeps feeling of her pulse all the time.  Her body from the small of her back down is all black & blue.  Looks like some one beat her up.  But they claim its from all the pills she took.  Nothing to be alarmed at.  She will go to Hospital Wed to be checked.  Fernie & Walter gave the Thanksgiving dinner had turkey and all the trimmings.  Robert &

                                 Ellen's Birthday with Jim                               Norma got here in time for the dinner.  Irene and Fenies, Mom & Dad was there.  I had a bid but could not go. Had to stay home with Aunt Mary.  I do not here from any one.  As I owe everyone letters.  Susie do you folks or Alfs take the Nebraska Farmer?  If so. It has Bernard Zwieners picture in. with him & his cattle.  He is Aunt Marys Nephew.  She would like to get the picture- if you have it.  Louise sent one but she wants 2 more of his pictures.  Or if any of your neighbors take the paper.  Keeps me busy caring for Aunt Mary running to store & house work.  When are you coming to see us??  Tell Mildred & Deloris to hurry & bring you before Snow flys.  Or is Mildred grandma yet? I believe Fernie expects after 6 years in March.  They had Earth quake tremors- in Denver – Fort Colling – Loveland & Wyo.  Funny weather for November if you ask me.  Terrible dry here not any snow or rain.  We have lots of Company.  We had company from Denver Saturday.  7 people Saturday.  And 4 Sunday.  I have my dishes washed but I have Aunt Marys & my bed to make.  Its mail time so I better ring off. 
   Come very soon & see us
                 Love & Kisses
                         Sis Ellen & Write
PS I called her on phone she was Happy

Sunday Afternoon – Jan 5th 1969
Dear Susie & Louis – its dark, cloudy cold.  And its raining very little off and on.  it might help to get rid of some of the deep drifts here in Kearney.  You never answered my last letter but I know, you had company & Margie & Gene leaving for there home in Oregon you would want to visit & spend all the time you could with them.  To – bad it had to be stormy & such deep snow.  As it was a long time since they were home.  I hope & pray they all keep well & arrive home safe & sound.  Soon as you here from them let us know.  They both looked well & young & have very sweet – little children.  We was more than glad to see them only for to short a visit.  But time was getting shorter day by day.  They didn’t seem to mind the snow & weather & enjoyed getting home to Nebr.  We are all O.K. here.  Only we are shut in & cant get out.  I am at Mrs. Richters didn’t go to Walter or Irenes which makes a long lonely Sunday for me.  I just talked to Irene she is O.K.  She dosent drive her car.  Walter takes her to the Store to get her groceries & fixes any thing that needs repairing.  Nice he is close & comes any time She calls him.  We are all glad he is here in town.  And not on the icy Hi-way.  As it was miles & miles before he get to or even see a house on the Hi-way to Alliance.  The man that took Walters Route.  Has wrecked the Truck 3 different times since he took over. 
Billy Turner & his wife sent me a nice picture of there 4 children.  A very nice picture & very cute children.  He is Johnnie Turners oldest boy.  They live in Beatrice.  He works in Safeway Store.  They stopped to see me on the way Home from Black Hills last summer.  Well I just talked to Walter.  All O.K at his house.  Fernie gone to P.O. to mail a letter to Danny.  They got a letter from him Friday he was O.K & counting the days to get home.  He has a long way yet to go.  Poor fellow.  I don’t see or under stand why our boys are there.  it isn’t our war in the first place.  15 more days & Nixon will be in the White House.  I hope & pray that he ends this war.  And that we have Peace & Happiness her on earth once more.  Such terrible things Happened in 1968.  So all we can do is hope & pray for peace & Happiness in 1869.  Now I will be looking for a letter from you.  And God bless & keep you both well & happy.
               Loving you always  
                    Sis Ellen
Now I must write to Dorothy.
      Happy 1969 to you & Louis
          Love & Kisses – Ellen.
Love to Deloris Mildred & Family
         And a great big
         Happy 1869 to all of you

Monday morning – Jan 6th
35 degrees. chance of rain turning cloudy & windy to Snow.  All O K. here

27 Jul 1967 James William O'Dea leaves his sister, Miss Ellen O'Dea of Kearney.

Susan's Letter: Sep 1968 I heard from girls down at Kearney. They are OK

Susan's Letter: Jan 1969 Kate and kids are helping Nell Colling do Some papering,

                                          Memorial Card


December 1, 1882
Crete, Nebraska

September 28, 1971
Kearney , Nebraska

September 30, 1971
9:30 A.M.
St. James Catholic Church

Father Eamon O'Dowd

Will be Nephews

Laid to Rest
St. Josephs Cemetery
Friend, Nebraska


Graveside Rites For
Miss Ellen O'Dea

   Ellen Gertrude O'Dea, daughter of John and Anna McGowen O'Dea, was born December 1st, 1882 at Crete, Nebr., and passed away after a brief illness at Kearney, Nebr., September 28, 1971.
   Funeral services were held in St. James Catholic Church with the Reverend E. O'Dowd officiating.  Graveside services were held at St. Joseph's Cemetery, Friend, Nebr., with the Reverend Thomas Daly assisting. . . . . .
   Miss O'Dea had spent many years as a companion in several homes caring for those in ill health.
   She leaves two sisters, Mrs. Susie Calling of McCook and Mrs. Irene Treadway of Kearney, also many nieces and nephews. Mrs. Dorothy Cole, formerly Miss Turner of Friend, now of Crete is a niece.


Ellen Gertrude O'Dea

   KEARNEY - Funeral services were scheduled early today at St. James Catholic Church in Kearney for Ellen Gertrude O'Dea who died Tuesday morning at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney. She was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John O'Dea of Indianola. Graveside services and burial were at 12:30 p.m. at Friend.
   Survivors include two sisters, Mrs. Louis Colling of McCook and Mrs. Irene Treadway of Kearney; two sisters-in-law, Mrs. Walter Orman of Indianola and Mrs. Harold O'Dea of McCook. She was preceded in death by one sister, Mrs. Blanche Turner, Friend, Harold O'Dea, McCook, Charles and James O'Dea of Indianola.


Dec 2001 Withheld said that Lucille's Aunt Nell lost her memory, too.  Lucille also said she lost her memory.172

Birth: 01 Dec 1882
Death: Sep 1971
Last Residence: 68847 (Kearney, Buffalo, NE)
Last Benefit: (none specified)
SSN: 505-40-0839
Issued: Nebraska

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