Catherine "Kate" O'DEA

Catherine "Kate" O'DEA28 was born in 1851 in Albany, Albany, New York, USA,2 died in ______________ and was buried _________________.

Noted events in her life were:
• Another name for Kate was Katherine O'DEA.30
• She appeared on the census on 12 Aug 1860 in Jefferson Township, Clark, Missouri, USA. pg # 204
• Burial Notes: - prob. at Ingleside, Nebraska near Hastings/Dorothy.  Not able to find her there/Paul.

General Notes: 1860 United States Federal Census - State: Missouri, County: Clark, City: Jefferson Township, Call Number/URL: FHL Film 1254755, Page: 204, National Archives Film T9-0755, Enumeration Date: 12 Aug 1860, Line: 25, 1. Dwelling #: 1491, 2. Families #: 1472, 3. Name: Catherine Oday, Description - 4. Age: 9, 5. Sex: F, 6. Color: , 10. Place of Birth: NY, 12. Attended school

Paul: 1879 Catherine was George O'Dea's baptismal sponsor, in Crete, Nebraska.

Dorothy: She lived with the family for a time, but she had seizures (fits they called it then) and would scare the kids very bad. Her father had her committed to Ingleside. She was not crazy. Dorothy's mother never heard of her after that.30

Paul: In the District Court Of Adams County, Nebraska
In the Matter of                   )
Records of Department of  )
                                           )                            __ORDER__
Public Institutions For         )
Catherine O'Dea                )

Now on This __17__day of __September__, 1996, this matter came on for hearing upon the petition of Petitioner, the Honorable __Stephen R. Illingworth__ presiding. The Court being fully advised in the premises finds:
1. That Petitioner resides at R. R. 2 Box 286 Seward, Nebraska 68434.
2. That Petitioner is the great nephew of Catherine O'Dea who never married.
3. That Catherine O'Dea was a patient at Hastings State Hospital in early 1900's (A Copy of her brother's death certificate is attached hereto marked Exhibit "A".) This shows Catherine O'Dea Father Andrew Day and Mother Mary McGraw.
4. That Catherine O’Dea was a patient at Hastings State Hospital for several years and believed to have died there. Nebraska (State) Department of Health, Division of Vital Statistics, has no death certificate for Catherine O'Dea.
5. That Petitioner's grandfather (George O'DEA son of John Gavin O'DEA brother to Catherine O'DEA) was George O'DEA Baptism Sponsor. (A copy of his Baptism Certificate is attached hereto marked Exhibit "B".)
6. That Petitioner desires a full copy of each and every page of the records including and without limitation to intake sheets, doctors' reports and staff reports of the Department of Public Institutions for Catherine O'Dea for the purpose of obtaining a family medical history and for genealogical purposes.
7. That said copies should be sent to Petitioner at the stated residence.
8. That pursuant to Nebraska Revised Statutes Section 83-109, 1992/ Cum. Sup, (A copy is attached hereto marked Exhibit "C") patient of resident records of the Department of Public Institutions are accessible: upon order of a judge or Court."
IT IS, THEREFORE, ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED that the Department of Public Institutions is her by directed to provide petitioner with a full copy of each and every page of the records including and with limitation to intake sheets, doctors’ reports and staff reports of the Department of Public Institution for Catherine O'DEA.

                                                         BY_Stefren R. Shay__
District Judge

Paul: Catherine O'Dea daughter of Andrew & Mary McGowen O'Dea, born 1851, Albany New York, Chemung County. She was 9 year old when 1860 Census was taken at Chambersburg MO, Clark County. She was Baptismal Sponsor on 29th day of Sept 1878, for George Leo O'Dea, Sacred Heart Church in Crete Nebraska. She was 27 years old. She was later committed to Ingleside at Hastings Nebraska, for Epileptic Seizures. It is believed she later worked for Ingleside after satisfactory controlling her seizures. It is also believed she changed her name and may have moved to Kansas to live.  Paul said he had searched all the graveyards around Ingleside and not found her grave.19

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