Wilhelm "William" IMMEL Sr.

Wilhelm "William" IMMEL Sr. was born late 1700's in , , , Switzerland and died in 1856 in Dorendorf, Hessen-Nassau, Wiesbaden, Preussen.

Noted events in his life were:
• He moved between 1806 and 1813 to Dorendorf, Province of Hessen, Preussen from Switzerland

General Notes: Immel Book: DESCENDANTS OF WILHELM IMMEL OF SWITZERLAND; Author: Keller, Velma Byrum (1894-1975) Publication: Allentown, Pennsylvania: Schlechter's, 19741
"Family tradition says that Wilhelm Immel, born in Switzerland, left Switzerland during the Napoleonic wars 1806-1813, and settled in the city of Dorindorf, Province of Hessen, Germany. Alfons Immel, a great grandson is still living in the house that Wilhelm built in Dorindorf. Alfons sent me the information on the descendants of Wilhelm. During WWII Alfons had to compile the history of his ancestors for Adolph Hitler to prove there was no Jewish relative among his ancestors. Hitler collected the records of many German families and stored them in concealed caves at Berchtesgaden. After his death, the records were discovered and have since proved a "gold mine" to genealogists.

Alfons wrote there were no civil records on births, marriages, deaths, etc. until after the year 1866 when Hessen Preussen was annexed. The only records previous to that year were church records which were often very incomplete. As a result, he could go no further back than his great grandfather, Wilhelm. Wilhelm Immel's name appears in German records in 1823. He wrote that he and his family suffered greatly under Hitler and he himself lost a leg in WWII in Russia.

William married Barbara KONRAD in 1846 in Dorendorf, Hessen-Nassau, Wiesbaden, Preussen. Barbara was born late 1700's in , , , Preussen2 and died after Apr 1851.

They had two children: Jacob and William Joseph.

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