Theodorus KOLLING "Theodor COLLING' and
Elisabetha SCHADECK

From Evelyn's collection: Theodore Colling Family Group Record.
Announcement of Marriage--1st Sunday 22nd of the month of January 1832
#4 of Marriage Ann. Register 29 January 1832
#5 of Marriage Ann. Register Signed by Nicholas Blasen of Preisscheid, Johann Colling of Dasbuerg, Everhard Meichen of Dasburg, Theodore Haller of Dasburg. In the year One Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty-two on the first day of the month of February at Four O'clock in the afternoon -------- this Document has been copied on page 10 of "The Colling Family in America" Volume 1 by Dr. Jerry Colling - copy and translation pages 12,13, 14 & 15.
They were married in Dasburg. The old parish church in Dasburg was built in 1767 by the last Count of Dasburg. The old pulpit and altar and other furnishings are still original. Their patron saint, Sebastian, strains at his bonds to the right. 4, 1 Dasburg lies directly on the Luxembourg border, the German side. It's about twice as big as Lahr (therefore about 60 people) and lies in the County of Prüm. It's about 27 Km north of Lahr, above Bauler. From the burg (fortress) in Dasburg you look across at Luxembourg. 11

Marriage Document

The Colling Family in America; Volume 2, pg. 14
1832 It's confirmed that Theodor Colling moved with Elisabetha after their marriage (on 2 Feb 1832 in Dasburg) 20 miles south to Obersgegen, next to Kürperich. The couple probably lived with Elisabetha's parents, Franz and Susanna Schadeck. Here their 1st 3 children were born.

1833 Birth document of Heinrich Colling, born the eight of October, one thousand eight hundred thirty three at eight o'clock in the morning at Obersgegen, son of Theodor Colling, age twenty-nine years and of Elisabetha Schadeck, age twenty six years, _________ day worker of occupation and living in Obersgegen. 1

1835 Birth Certificate - No 24 - Mayor of Roth, County Bitburg, peacecourt district of Neuerburg, the 14th of the month of December in the year one thousand eight hundred thirty five: Morning at nine o'clock. Birth document of Anna Maria Colling, born the thirteenth of December, one thousand eight hundred thirty five at three o'clock in the morning at Obersgegen, daughter of Theodor Colling, age three and thirty years, a stone cutter by trade and of Elisabetha Schadeck, age eight and twenty years, without occupation and both living at Obersgegen. 1

1838 Birth document of Nikolaus Colling, born the fifteenth of September, one thousand eight hundred thirty eight at five o'clock in the afternoon at Obersgegen, son of Theodor Colling, age four and thirty years, a stonemason, and of Elisabetha Schadeck, age three and thirty years, without occupation. On all the Birth Certificates Theodor was listed as a Stonemason and Elisabetha is listed as "a worker by the day." 1

They moved with their 3 children to Lahr, 5 miles to the northeast. 11

16 April 1861
The Colling Family in America; Page 4, Volume 7 copy of a portion of a letter written by Theodor to the Mayor in Neuerberg asking for emigration consent for himself age 57, his Wife age 54 and four minor sons, Wilhelm and twin brother Johann age 19, Gregor age 13 and Wilhelm 11 age 10. 4

Aug 10, 1861 20 Arrived at the Customs of the collection District of New York - Port of New York on Hamburg Bark (masted sailing ship 11) Raleigh (Captain CW Heidrich) Aug 10, 1861, boarded at Hamburg (in 1861 came to America on the sailing ship Raleigh with wife & 4 children from Bitburg County), at Name Colling, T. age 57, Sex: male, Occupation: mason, Exit Country: Germany, Destination: Chicago, Accommodations: between deck. Elizabetha is listed as age 54, Sex: female, Occupation: wife, Exit Country: Germany, Accommodations: between decks, 4 children, Destination: Chicago. 4

Census records as early as 1825 show Collings in Chicago. They came 6 years after their older sons Henry and Nikolaus who had come over in 1855. 11 After arriving by ship in New York, the Collings all came to the Chicago area and settled around Warrenville and Winfield, except for Henry, who farmed several miles to the NW of Elburn. This area is now part of West Chicago. Kane County, Illinois is where Elisabeth & Theodor spent their final days with Henry. Brother Bede Stradler of Chicago, was unable to find burial place of Theodor around Elburn, Warrenville or Winfield. 4, 11, 20

Descendents of Theodor and Elizabeth.

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