Johann Colling and
Margaretha Hoffmann

Johann and Margaretha married on 7 Jan 1787 in Dasburg, Bitburg, , Prussia. 9, 11, 20, 21, 22

Marriage Notes: "The Colling Family in America" Written by Jerry Colling, Volume 3, Page 19, has
Marriage document of Johann and Margaretta, Copy of the Church Records from DALEIDEN Germany Church which served as the Mother Church of Dasburg before Dasburg had it's own priest.

Marriage Record of John Colling and Margaretha Hoffman: Jan 7, 1787 - translated to English
In the year 1787 on the 7th day of January in the congregation three banns having been made as is proper, matrimony has been contracted by the respected youth John Collong, a minor, and legitimate son of Christopher Collong and Anna Barbara Jean Mathieu of Dasbourg, and Margaretha Hoffman, an adult and legitimate daughter of Mathias Hoffman and Susanna Spoden married, of Dasbourg. With the consent of the parents the spouses is this contract in the presence of witnesses, namely, the Rev. Schroeder of Dasburg and Michael Schise of Dasburg to this ceremony especially requested in whose good will this ceremony have in part signed below and in part for those unable to write having been asked and have confirmed as singed below. Done at Dasburg as above.

John F.? Colling, groom
Signature X mark of Margaretha Hofmun, bride
(h i Pl Pl Y O .) father of the bride
X mark of Anna Barbara Jean Mathieu, mother of the Groom
Nicholas Schroeder (?) <Pastor>
Michael Schise In the faith
J. H. Keiechentz (?) Pastor in Deleiden

The Colling Family in America, Volume 3, pg. 7, English translation, written in Dasburg 1831:
The marriage of Margaretha Hoffman with Johann Colling of the Richters (Stoffels) house, married in the year 1787. There are now in the Richters (Stoffels) house:
a. Christoph, married in Dasburg to Maria Pauli
b. Jacob, married in Dasburg to Maria Pauli
c. Maria Magdalena, 36 years old, was led to the altar in Dasburg, with Johann Henkes
.....of Neurath.
d. Maria, age 34, married in Dasburg with Mauritius Thielmann.
e. Johann, age 30 years, married, in the house, with Anna Katharine Franzen, daughter
.....of Anton Franzen.
.....The marriage of Johann Colling with Anna Katharina of the Franzens of Dasburg is
........... still childless.
f. Theodor, born in 1803 (our ancestor) lives still unmarried.

The Stoffels House # 52. (written in 1831)

../ .........Attic........... \
./... with 1 sm room..\
/----------------------------\ rooml sm rooml
..l .stable... l kitchen, l
..l_______ l______ l

The Stoffels house lies under the Gindels mountain, and has only 1 story, in which the kitchen, room and small room are. Above is the attic with a room. Left of the kitchen is a cow stable. All is covered with straw roof?_______

The Collings in America, Volume 3, pg. 8 - Dasburg Colling -
Trauungs Register: 1, 159, 2; Datum der Trauung: Jahr 1787, Mon. Jan., Tag 7; Namen der Getrauten: Colling Johann _____ Margaretha Hoffmann von Dasburg; ? ___; Kinder: m. 4, w. 1; Familienname: Colling
English Translation:
Wedding Register: 1, 159, 2; Date of Wedding: 7 Jan 1787; Name of those married: Johann _____ Margaretha Hoffmann in Dasburg ? ___; Children: m. 4, w. 1; Family Name: Colling

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