Maria Magdalena COLLING

Maria Magdalena COLLING1, 6 was born 17 Aug 1725 in Dasburg, Bitburg, , French Republic27, 28 and died on an unknown date.
• Other names for Maria were Mandelana COLLING,28 and Maria Magdalena KOLLING.6

Evelyn has a Marie with no birth date and a Magdalene separate with no birth date. Joachim GedCom has both separate, with Magdalene's birth date as 1725.

The Collings in America, Volume 3, pg. 10,
III Band (Volume), Blatt (Page) 115, --Dasburg Colling--
Traf - Register: 1, 143, 21; Datum der Geburt: Jahr 1725, Mon. Aug., Tag 17; Namen der Eltern: Colling Jacob und Elisabeth; Name des Kindes: M. Magdalena; Paten und Patertante (Gäu?)und ihr _______________
English Translation:
Baptism Register: 1, 143, 21; Date of Birth: Year 1725, Month Aug, Day 17, Name of Parents: Colling Jacob and Elisabeth; Name of Child: M. Magdalena; God Parents: blank 31

I found this source that needs to be verified:
KLEUTSCH, Wilhelmem Marriage
Wife: Maria Magdalena COLLING
Marriage Date: 2 Sep 1778
Recorded in: Palzem, Rheinland, Preussen
Collection: Katholisch
Source: FHL Film 466722 Dates: 1725 - 1790 4

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